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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Baking 101: My 1st Baking Class

Last year, our company sends 20 employees to undergo food technology training under DOST and AFOS. I am 1 of the lucky 20 employees. The training was more on a technical aspect because we are a food industry.  Food Safety, Hygiene & Sanitation, HACCP and Raw Ingredients in Baking were our main focus.  As a purchasing officer, I was able to grasp the importance of each raw material and the impact if one of it is not available in our commissary. Basically, my job is to ensure all needed materials must be purchased and delivered on time. The technical side of our training ended last august 2014 and 10 of the 20 employees will proceed to study and have hands-on in baking for 3 months in the Philippine School of Culinary Arts. And again, luckily I’m 1 of the 10!

We started our classes last week with a lecture to be more oriented on the ingredients, utensils and equipment we will be using in our baking class.  We also discussed how to use baker’s percentage and the correct way to compute the weights of each ingredients. Our 2nd meeting was my very 1st baking hands-on activity. I was able to bake French bread, Cuban bread and chocolate chips cookies. The good thing in our class is we were able to perform individually, from measuring the ingredients, mixing and so on. I am very thankful to our teacher, Chef Mitzi Codilla for being so good to us, her patience and expertise is really superb. Looking forward to our 3rd meeting, can’t wait to make my own doughnuts, burger buns and muffins!

One lesson Chef Mitzi told us is that we when we are baking or cooking, always read the recipe from start to bottom before starting.  You must know how to compute baker’s percentage for you to be able to check if the ingredients you will be preparing are correct, never experiment in bulk so that you will not waste you ingredients, and be open minded, creative and most of all, enjoy while you are baking or cooking.  I will be sharing our entire recipe once we will be done with our 10 sessions. 8 more sessions to go! 

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