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Friday, October 3, 2014

KUYA MAU : Perfect for Celebrations (Magician Philippines)

It’s been a very long time since I posted my last blog, about 4 months ago.  I have a lot to blog about that I wanted to post but unfortunately I have been really very busy at work and at home.

As a parent, we just want the best for our kids, not only providing their needs but also giving them their wants. When we had Dirk's 2nd birthday celebration last year, I was able to request a clown as his party host because i find magician expensive. I was able to search this Magician and I guess most parents will like this.

I think some of you knew him. His name KUYA MAU (Maurice Supetran), Mau is a host magician in the Philippines who offers puppet show packages in a very reasonable price. He is currently residing in Marikina, Manila (too bad ang layo nang Cebu) and for those parents who are planning for the birthday celebration of their kids, you can also check KUYA MAU’s puppet show packages.

PHOTO from Kuya Mau's FB Page

Here are some facts about KUYA MAU (Magician Philippines):

1. He was former puppeteer of Batibot, Shakeys Birthday Club Munting Teatro.
2. A member of MAGFI *MAGFI: Magicians Foundation, Inc.
3. Have 20 years of experience in the childrens entertainment industry.
4. Reasonable rates for a complete package.
5. Proudly PINOY Magician and puppeteer.

To know more about him, please check these links mommies & daddies: 

Have a good day to all! 


  1. Having real good entertainment for a children's party is something that we should really be serious about. I still remember attending a party with a clown that was really negative. Everyone really felt off because of his negative "hirits" with the kids. I hope nobody ever gets him again. So when we got our own clown for my son's birthday, we really talked about our expectations from him right from the start. And that included only positivity and encouragement especially for the kids.

  2. Felt bad on your experience mommy chinky. Same here, when I had a clown host for Dirk's 2nd birthday, able to inform the clown on the games i want not only for the kids but also games w/c includes the parents :)

  3. Really good (and kid-friendly) entertainment is something we make sure we get when we celebrate our kids' parties. Ayaw ko kasi ng mahilig mag green jokes; pero ayaw ko rin ng boring. Thankfully, we've been pretty lucky with all the magicians, clowns, and puppeteers we've hired. I particularly love the magician/puppeteer we got for our daughter's first birthday party. Unfortunately, the hubby lost his number!

    1. Good for you Mommy Kim :) seeing the faces of happy kids during parties are really satisfying :) Same here, i don't like clowns na mahilig sa green jokes.

  4. for my little Z's bday, I opted for a magician host as well instead of a clown. A lot of my nephews and nieces are also scared so I'd rather get away from clowns.. I've never thought of getting a puppeteer though. I might consider that next time :)

    1. Good one mommy! do hope you can really try a puppeteer for little Z's next birthday :)

  5. Yes, I think I've already seen him host a party of one of my friend's child. And if its really him, well, he is really good! Will definitely consider him if we plan a party again soon. :)

  6. I guess magaling sya! Magandang alternative to sa clowns kasi wala syang face painting sa mukha. Smaller children kasi takot sa clown. My children consider clown as "IT" Stephen king classic movie.


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