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Monday, May 26, 2014

Dirk’s 1st Manila Trip 2014

After 9 months from the date that I booked the flight, Dirk had his 1st airplane ride & Manila trip. At first, I was anxious that he might not be comfortable riding in a plane, thank goodness our little boy was behave, the educational videos that I downloaded on his tablet was really a big help. We arrived last May 22 and stayed in one of our family friend in Pasay.

At his young age, Dirk really had fun during our pasyal moments but more on his tantrum moments maybe because it’s very humid outside and the traffic was heavy. On our first day, we went to Mall of Asia, Dirk was so full on his heavy lunch at KFC, and he loves their mushroom soup. We stroll and bought stuffs for Dirk, Tita Itin, Lala Vangie and of course, for me. We stroll whole afternoon. Dirk was enjoying running and playing inside the mall. What we like was the mall was very child friendly. We had dinner at Congo Grille, good customer service.

Our second day was a bit stressful because we went to Baclaran & Divisoria. We visit Baclaran Church around lunch time (so init), Dirk keeps on crying because he was uncomfortable. I was carrying him the whole time. After Baclaran, we then proceed to Divisoria, about 1 hour travel via jeepney. We had a late lunch at Pizza Hut Tutuban, Dirk enjoys seeing the staff wearing XMEN costumes. After lunch, we stroll around Divisoria and bought stuffs and pasalubong. Dirk was so happy with his new toys. A very exhausting day but we were able to go to Resorts World during night time and had dinner at Mcdo.

Our last day, we had a great dine at Gerry’s Grill and back to Baclaran to have a last minute shopping. Thank you Manila for our 3 days vacation and hoping to be back next year because our Little Dirk will be going to Ocean Park & Enchanted Kingdom.

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