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Monday, May 26, 2014

Dirk’s 1st Manila Trip 2014

After 9 months from the date that I booked the flight, Dirk had his 1st airplane ride & Manila trip. At first, I was anxious that he might not be comfortable riding in a plane, thank goodness our little boy was behave, the educational videos that I downloaded on his tablet was really a big help. We arrived last May 22 and stayed in one of our family friend in Pasay.

At his young age, Dirk really had fun during our pasyal moments but more on his tantrum moments maybe because it’s very humid outside and the traffic was heavy. On our first day, we went to Mall of Asia, Dirk was so full on his heavy lunch at KFC, and he loves their mushroom soup. We stroll and bought stuffs for Dirk, Tita Itin, Lala Vangie and of course, for me. We stroll whole afternoon. Dirk was enjoying running and playing inside the mall. What we like was the mall was very child friendly. We had dinner at Congo Grille, good customer service.

Our second day was a bit stressful because we went to Baclaran & Divisoria. We visit Baclaran Church around lunch time (so init), Dirk keeps on crying because he was uncomfortable. I was carrying him the whole time. After Baclaran, we then proceed to Divisoria, about 1 hour travel via jeepney. We had a late lunch at Pizza Hut Tutuban, Dirk enjoys seeing the staff wearing XMEN costumes. After lunch, we stroll around Divisoria and bought stuffs and pasalubong. Dirk was so happy with his new toys. A very exhausting day but we were able to go to Resorts World during night time and had dinner at Mcdo.

Our last day, we had a great dine at Gerry’s Grill and back to Baclaran to have a last minute shopping. Thank you Manila for our 3 days vacation and hoping to be back next year because our Little Dirk will be going to Ocean Park & Enchanted Kingdom.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Review : Getting the BEST out of online shopping + iPrice Philippines

I am claiming that I am a fan of online shopping.  I was able to post before about my shopping experience in Lazada. To read more about my Lazada experience, please CLICK HERE. I was also given a chance to post this informative article about Lazada (online shopping) that will really help all mommies and daddies who wants to try online shopping. 

You will also know about iPrice Philippines, they provide online coupons codes for web-stores such as Lazada and more. These coupon codes help online shoppers get additional discounts on their purchases. Enjoy reading and hope you can share this article to your family & friends.

Lazada Philippines Shopping
Before you even start contemplating the idea of online shopping, you must be able to create an account. In the case of Lazada Philippines, you can shop for any products that you wish for. After you have made sufficient research on the specific product you are looking for (reviews), you can make the payment at the checkout page. At Lazada Philippines, they really want to facilitate the whole process of paying for purchases. You have the choice between; debit card, PayPal, credit card, cheques and a great cash on delivery option. In terms of delivery time, Lazada Philippines is a very prompt organisation. It usually takes about five business days to deliver to Metro Manila and between five to 10 days business days to deliver in provinces of Philippines.

●     Cash on delivery accepted
●     30 days return policy
●     Free Shipping nationwide
●     Order Tracking
●     Good customer service

True to their word, many customers have reviewed that Lazada is usually early on their estimated delivery times, and that’s one of the many features that make Lazada Philippines a great shopping website. It offers a great customer service even during busy holiday periods. Lazada Philippines also offers a nifty feature to all customers - customer tracking. Anybody who makes a purchase on Lazada Philippines can instantly track their order from the moment they purchase their product to the moment when they receive it.

Not only that, Lazada allows its customers to track their orders. They have an order tracking section there when you open your account and go to your My Orders page.

“In general, I think I had a pleasant shopping experience at Lazada. Easy to navigate site, well-organized shopping categories, different brands to choose from, vast number of items for sale, etc. I believe I’m an easy to please online shopper/customer. As long as the items I bought are delivered on or ahead of time, I’m good. As long as they keep me updated on the status of my order, I’m okay. Smooth online transaction and fast delivery. You have a happy customer.”

The shopping alternative
In terms of being able to provide a wide variety of products for a discounted or reasonable price, there are not many online shopping stores that can rival Zalora Philippines. In terms of products variety, you really can’t get much ‘value for money’. Zalora is a huge South-East Asian fashion online store present in; Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. While their area of expertise is in fashion, Zalora Philippines also offers; backpacks, necklaces, bracelets, running shoes and sporting equipment. Zalora Philippines is a very user-friendly website and also offers an array of payment methods which includes; cash on delivery, debit card and PayPal. They often have discount days so make sure to regularly check the website.

iPrice Philippines
Iprice philippines is a great website that can help you when you are shopping online. iPrice Philippines helps you is basically a free online couponing website that enables you to get free discounts when you shop online. I know what you are thinking; it’s just one of these annoying websites that’s trying to waste your time. I’m not surprised - after all, there are thousands of unreliable or simply fake websites that present themselves as free couponing websites. Fear not, iPrice Philippines is trusted and reliable. You can check the reviews of iPrice on google and see for yourself. Try it out, you will save yourself a few beers! CLICK HERE!

This review was made by Stephane Thomasse is a freelance journalist who has published articles for several Australian and Asian publications. His articles range from; social issues and politics, lifestyle, travelling, sports, technology, sustainability and health. Stephane is currently working as the online content editor/marketing officer of Asia Venture Group. For any information please contact him on or