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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Thank you LAGUNDEX : Dirk's Asthma Attack

Last Monday, April 14, 2014, I rushed our Dirk at the nearest Hospital because of his asthma. I was really wondering why he had an asthma attack. I was very careful in everything he does and also particular in what he eats. After I talked to the Doctor, Dirk was diagnosed to have a “Bronchial Asthma”. The doctor said that not all kids have same symptoms when having asthma & some allergies can cause asthma. I would like to share this information to all of you so that we will be more watchful to our kids.

At the Emergency Room (Chong Hua Hospital)
Bronchial asthma (commonly known as asthma) is characterized by constant coughing, panting & shortness of breath.  Dirk had experienced all this symptoms that is why I immediately rushed him to the ER.

Last April 16, 2014, I received a surprise package from Lagundex. 

The package from Lagundex
The medicine was a blessing. Many medicines were prescribed by Pedia (Pred 10, Allerkid, Ventolin & Salbutamol Nebules), Dirk was able to take the antibiotics and was nebulize until Wednesday. We already had a planned visit to our province during the holy week. Because of this, I opted to use the Lagundex because I find the nebulizer very bulky. My son was able to start taking the Lagundex last Wednesday night until Sunday and the result was great, Dirk got well and his dry cough and asthma started to stop. Now, Dirk is well and no need to nebulize him. 

I used the Sweet Orange Flavor for Dirk and the taste is ok for him. At first he keeps on staring the syrup because it was color black but after I tasted it, he smiled.

Lagundex at our Province
For more info about the wonders of Lagundex, Please click here.

I was also given the privilege to give 2 packs of Lagundex and I chose 2 of my friends here in Cebu City that will really benefit the medicines.

Giftpacks from Lagundex
First, is my dear friend Felomina Rodriguez, She was my officemate before in my first company and she has asthma. I was able to witness her struggle every time she has an asthma attack while working. Second, is my friend, Army Biatingco, she is the caregiver of our owner in my current company and her mom needs medicine for her cough. Do hope they will also experience the great effect of Lagundex like Dirk had experienced.

Sleeping Comfortably

To all my friends and readers, I highly recommend Lagundex for Kids & Adults.


  1. Thanks Diosyl, I hope your son gets well soon..

    1. Yes Ms. Johanna, with the help of Lagundex, Dirk is well now.


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