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Friday, March 7, 2014

Captain Dirk Ludwig @ 2

Words can’t express how much we are blessed to have Dirk in our lives.  Not only he brought happiness to us, he also changes our lives for the better. I have been preparing his 2nd birthday since last quarter of 2013 and was so glad that many were able to share their time to attend his 2nd birthday celebration. 

Special thanks to his dad who was also hands-on in preparing for his birthday,  to his Lola Vangie that was very supportive to both of us ( she surprised us with the clown host) , to his titos, titas, ninongs, ninang & kids who partied with us and also to Ms. Jen of Wooden Kiddie Stools for the Wooden Kiddie Baskets.

Ahoy Mateys! Welcome to Captain Dirk’s 2nd Birthday Party!

The Captain

Dirk with Lala Vangie
Ninangs in Action ♥
Thank you for the giftts! ♥

A letter to our Little Captain

To My Dearest Dirk,

Thank you for always making mama happy; seeing you every morning as we wake up, smelling your baby scent and our bathing bonding every morning. You always make mama and papa proud of your everyday achievement, from dancing to singing, learning and playing. Soon son you can understand everything that mama is always telling to you. Having you in our lives is a miracle and being with you every day is a blessing.

I love you always and forever.

Again, Thank you Mateys!


  1. our kids have a way with our hearts talaga, no? :) Happy birthday to your little boy.

    1. you right mommy may :) Iba na talaga if kids nah ♥


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