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Monday, January 13, 2014

1st Blog Anniversary GIVEAWAY : Wrangler Travel Planner 2014

Hello dear friends and readers! I am very much happy because next month will be the blog anniversary of Dirk Ludwig’s Mom. Because of this, I will be having my very 1st anniversary giveaway.

The prize is a WRANGLER Travel Planner 2014.

Just simply follow these steps:
1.       Please like my FB page :
2.       Follow me via twitter :
3.       Share this post via FB & Twitter (please do not forget to tag my page)
4.       In the comment section : * Please paste the FB & Twitter share links
                                            * Answer this question: Why do you need a travel planner?
                                            * Put your Name and email address.

Note: I will check all the entries and please be sure to follow all the steps. 1 winner will be chosen.

This giveaway will run from January 13, 2014 until January 20, 2014. I will announce the winner on January 21st and will contact the winner via email. 
This is open only to all Philippine residents and I will shoulder the shipping cost. 
Good luck to all! 


  1. Facebook Shares link
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    Why do i need a travel palnner?

    Answer: is it something you can't do for yourself for some reason, like we should make sure you we have all the necessary documents to travel, check your itinerary,compiled travel informations you need, clothes and other personal stuff that you need. and will be able to make sure that you have everything you need.

    Name: Michelle rose Campos

    1. Thank you for joining Michelle :)

    2. Happy Blog Anniversary Ms Diosyl, Godbless :)

    3. hi michelle. pls do not forget to paste the url of ur shared links on fb and twitter :)


    leo rances garcia

    I want to win a planner to keep my travel planning organized.

    I need a travel planner for a fool-proof journey. It is so easy to be alulled into a false sense of security once the airline and hotel tickets have been booked. The planner with guarantee that I don't leave anything to chance before I embark on a journey. It will help me monitor and complete my travel essentials as well as follow a clear route plan for each day so I will free up more time during my holidays and enjoy the experience.

    Emiliana Sison


    I need a planner so I can see wheather I am free.
    My family loves to travel

    merry jane ocol

  5. Link to FB post:

    Link to Tweet:

    I need a travel planner since this year I want to take my kids to different places and be able to plan them well (since we all know that traveling with kids is a challenge) and to document each trip.

    Marie San Luis


    I need a planner since I am always busy. Having this planner will make me aware of the upcoming schedules of work and travel I have.

    Jim Marlon A. Macaraeg


    i need a travel planner because our family loves to travel a lot. it'll help me plan, jot down our iterinary, write our fond memories on the places we've been to.

    yen morales

  8. I never outgrew my love for planners and pen! When travelling, we always make sure that we stick to our plans.

    1. Thank you for joining, Just would like to remind you to please do nor forget to Like my FB page and paste the url of ur shared FB status :)


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