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Saturday, December 7, 2013

FREE Scrapbook Quotes for Babies

I am really fond of scrapbooking. I admit I am not that artistic but I always try my best to make my scrapbook look good. I love to cut-out cute pictures that will fit the theme of my scrapbook but sometimes,I also buy some scrapbooking materials. Aside from the materials that I used, I also love to put baby quotes on my scrapbook. Recently, I was able to make one for my little man. 


I want to share to you some of the quotes I used for my little man’s scrapbook. I just printed these quotes in nice special paper. Do hope you enjoy these quotes and happy scrapbooking!

" Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. " 

" From small beginnings come great things. "

" When you're drawing up your first list of life's miracles, you might place near the top the first moment your baby smiles at you. "

" Babies are such a nice way to start people. "

" My precious little baby, I have loved you from the start, you are a tiny miracle, laying closely to my heart. "

" God sends us many precious gifts,
But there is none that can compare
With the wonder of our baby
Who is the answer to our prayer. "

" A baby will make love stronger, days longer, nights shorter, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for. "

" When babies look beyond you and giggle, maybe they're seeing angels. "

" A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on. "

" Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever-fresh and radiant possibility. " 

" Before you were conceived, I wanted you
Before you were born, I loved you
Before you were here for an hour, I would have died for you
This is the miracle of life. "

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