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Friday, December 6, 2013

Early Christmas Gift for My Kiddo

Few more days to go and it’s Christmas! All malls are having huge sales and discounts and because if this, my being an impulsive buyer has been activated.

While strolling in the mall with my mom and Dirk, I really cannot control myself to always check the Kids Section. I was really looking for a pair of sandals to replace his Nike Rubber Sandals; I check different brands and finally decide to buy these 2 cute shoes and sandals. Not only I love the appearance but most of all; I trust the quality of these shoes.

Since Dirk really loves to run, I opt for this sandal that really fits him. I also had close shoes for him for his formal get-up. Dirk has been a good boy this year and he deserve these gifts

I just love my son sooo much ♥

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