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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dirk & Pororo the Little Penguin

Since Dirk was 6 months old, he is a fan of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Show and until now that he is a toddler; still his love for Mickey Mouse never fades. 1 week ago, Dirk was able to see a new cartoon show; I was just amazed because Dirk really had a loud laugh while watching that show. Suddenly, the show ended and Dirk started to cry, what I did, I immediately turned his attention to other things just to let him stop crying. I myself was not familiar of what Dirk had watched, good thing my sister was watching over Dirk and told me that the show was PORORO.

I immediately downloaded videos of PORORO (using the Videoder Android App). Our little boy was so happy to see his new found PORORO show on his tablet. It’s been a week now and Dirk is really enjoying PORORO, I have observed that he enjoys the singing and the dancing episodes of the characters plus the show is really educational. I was able to download the English version because PORORO is a Korean kiddy show.

So here are PORORO the little penguin and his friends, hope your kids would like and love it too.
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Pororo the little penguin: the cute little penguin w/ orange goggles. He is very active and speedy & brings joy in their village.

Petty: the very friendly and charming girl penguin & loves sports.

Crong : the adorable green baby dinosaur.

Loopy : the pink rosy-cheeked little beaver. She is good and nice to all.

Eddy : the stubborn and clever little fox. He loves to repair broken things and loves to work on his own inventions.

Poby : the warm-hearted polar bear. He loves to hum songs and ice fishing.

Harry : the pink happy humming bird. He loves to sing and a very good natured little bird.


  1. Very cute characters although my kids when they were little love Barney more than the Disney characters :-)

    1. Kids now days have their own preferences Mommy :)


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