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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Viral Infection: For ALL Parents Please Be AWARE

Dirk had a high fever last Friday, November 15, 2013. As a first aid, I gave him Dolan (Ibufropen based medicine) because that is the only medicine he can take (my little boy is allergic to paracetamol). I was bothered because the fever lasted for 2 days.

I bought him to his Pedia yesterday because he lost his appetite due to his fever. I bought medicines prescribed by his pedia and immediately gave it to him. Last night, I was freaked out because rashes suddenly appeared all over his body. I suddenly rushed him this morning to his pedia. As per his pedia, Dirk had a viral infection that was rampant since last week (he had 6 patients same with the condition of Dirk) ; it is like Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease where in babies will first have fever, loss of appetite then rashes will come out after the fever is gone. I am glad because the rashes will be gone after 5 days.

To all parents, let us ensure that our babies are safe. Immediately consult your pedia if your babies have these symptoms. Please also pray for my little boy to recover immediately. 
Thank you ♥

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