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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The October 15, 2013 Earthquake

It was a very peaceful Tuesday morning, Dirk and I was still in bed and was not too early to get up because it was a Holiday so I don’t have work. At was around 8:30 that our ceiling fan was suddenly shaking; I thought it was just my imagination, and then suddenly a very hard shake disturbed us, an earthquake that lasted for about 10 minutes.  We are living in the 2nd floor of the apartment and I was really grateful that God blessed me because I was in control; I was able to safely carry my son outside our room and safely run outside. That was my 2nd time to experience a strong earthquake, the 1st time was on February 2012, that time I am 8 months pregnant with Dirk and I was in our technical training room in the office because I was have a training. God never failed to be always there for us because we were able to evacuate the building safely.

Back to the October 15, 2013 earthquake, many aftershocks came after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake; around 1,000+ aftershocks were recorded. Until now, aftershocks are still disturbing us. The most affected are our brothers and sisters in Bohol. The fault is found in one of the city in Bohol. Many people were hurt and died. Houses, establishments and churches were destroyed. It melted my heart to see those children suffering from the effect of the earthquake. Despite of this tragedy, it never stopped our fellow Filipino brothers and sisters to extend their help to all the Boholanons. Many relief goods were given to them.

Image from the internet

 To all my friends and readers, hope you are one of us in praying with us for our safety. God bless us all.

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