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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Happy ME

The word “Happiness” or “Happy” has a lot on meaning for different people. What makes you happy may not apply to others or vice versa. The happiness of others may not be the same as yours. For me, happiness or being happy means able to stay alive and survive during my UP and DULL moments. In short, it is making a choice if you want to be happy or not.

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14 years in school, 5 years in an employee  and 1 and ½ year as mom, here are some ways on how do I keep myself happy despite of the challenges I encounter :

This REAL sunflower really made me SMILE

• Learn to Smile – smiling has been a part of my routine. Good or Bad, I always smile because I believe that everything happens for a reason.

• Saying Thank You – not only I thank the Lord for everything he gave me but I never fail to thank all the people surrounding me. They have been a part of my life.

• Be Honest – being honest now a day’s seems to very hard for some. But for me, honesty is still the best policy. Not only I am honest to others but I am also TRUE.

• Have Friends & Listen – I am an extrovert type of person and I am proud of it. I easily mingle with others and I love to talk. Not only I love to talk but also I listen to my friends. My friends serve as my outlet to able to express what I am feeling. I listen not for the sake of it but I listen because I care for the people I am with.

• Learn to Respect & Love – if you want to gain respect, might as well respect others. My parents taught me the value of respect since I was a kid and I am proud to say that I was able to live by this value until now. If you know how to respect others, not only you gain respect but also, Love.

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