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Thursday, October 10, 2013

A BIG Thank you PROMO!

I have been such a fan of promos. Now that I am a new mom, I was able to appreciate the privilege of availing promos. I know most of you will agree that being practical now a days is very important. For a new mom like me, not only I spend my money to buy the things I need but most importantly the needs of my son. Even though I have a very tight budget, I also find ways to at least enjoy leisure without over spending. Here are some of my personal experiences and the benefits and satisfaction I gain from promos.

I am a Groupon member since 2009. What I love about Groupon among those online merchants is that they offer a lot of promos for Cebu City. Their customer service representatives are very accommodating, they have a wide variety of promos such dining, leisure, and baby products and most of all, their promos are very affordable. I was able purchase more than 3 coupons / promos from Groupon and I am very much happy with my experience.

Among the airline companies, I think most of you would agree that Cebu Pacific really would stand out because of their famous PISO Fare Promo. I was able to avail this promo for the 1st time last 2008 and I was really amazed because I only paid P98.00 for a round trip ticket from Cebu City to Manila. Now that I am a mom, I also wanted my son to experience flying to manila and gladly I was able to purchase a flight to Manila. We will be flying May 2014. Compared before, the PISO Fare (w/ charges) is a little bit costly but still, comparing it to a regular fare, the price is still reasonable.

To all bloggers out there, you can also share and blog your experience like mine.  AllPromos.PH is having a contest, The AllPromos.PH Blogger Challenge: Happy Life, Happy Wallet. To know more about this, kindly click the link: 

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