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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Thank You NikkiPrints

Since I was elementary,  I love to collect paper things such as memo pads, small notebooks, organizers and planners; I just collect them and not writing to it because my penmanship is really not that nice (very honest).

Now that I am a mom, I still have the love for collecting that kind of stuff and I was so happy because I was able to make it more personalized. A BIG THANK you to Ms. Nikki by NikkiPrints. What I love most about NikkiPrints is the bible verses found on the pages of my personalized planner.  

Soooo Nice!!! ♥

NikkiPrints caters Personalized Gift Tags, Big and Small Pads, Monthly Planners, To-do Lists, Desk Calendars, Stickers, Buttons, Mugs, Kiddie Sketch Pads, and more.

Currently, NikkiPrints is having a GIVEAWAY!! 
(Php 100 for each winner)
Please check this link: Giveaway by NikkiPrints

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