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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Interesting Read # 3: Value of a Good Leader

Hi to all, I am sharing you this interesting article about Value of a Good Leader. I hope this material will help you somehow and inspire all of us to be the best in our fields.

           "People leave managers, not companies"            
          The statement above would probably catch your attention.  There is a ring of truth about it.  While there might be things we dislike about our jobs, the relationship between leaders and employees is arguably the most critical.  When people are badly managed, there can be unhappiness, reduced efficiency, and high staff turnover.           
"The Most Disliked Aspect Of A Job"
In a study carried out by well-established research institute Gallup, it was revealed that employees leave managers, not companies. 
In another survey, Gallup asked employees about their happiness when spending time with other people. Unsurprisingly, spending time with the boss was the least desirable choice. 

" What Really Matters for the Staff"
What would employees like from their leaders? Gallup suggests that a good management-staff relationships rest on four foundations. Employees would like:
• Leaders who show care, interest, and concern for their staff 
• To know what is expected of them 
• A role which fits their abilities 
Positive feedback and recognition regularly for work well done

The findings indicate that organizations often focus on control, coordination and correction in their management development.  However, staffs highly value the care, concern, and encouragement elements of management.

Leaders make a critical difference to the workplace. As managers, how we choose to make that difference is up to us. Good management is not a popularity contest, but about positive and practical approaches to management. 

So remember to take some time to ask yourself if you manifest the four foundations given above.  It may be a difficult question to answer, certainly requiring some honest reflection, but surely worth asking.

Source: The Happy Manager by Phil Higson/ Anthony Sturgess

Monday, August 12, 2013

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Thank You NikkiPrints

Since I was elementary,  I love to collect paper things such as memo pads, small notebooks, organizers and planners; I just collect them and not writing to it because my penmanship is really not that nice (very honest).

Now that I am a mom, I still have the love for collecting that kind of stuff and I was so happy because I was able to make it more personalized. A BIG THANK you to Ms. Nikki by NikkiPrints. What I love most about NikkiPrints is the bible verses found on the pages of my personalized planner.  

Soooo Nice!!! ♥

NikkiPrints caters Personalized Gift Tags, Big and Small Pads, Monthly Planners, To-do Lists, Desk Calendars, Stickers, Buttons, Mugs, Kiddie Sketch Pads, and more.

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Best Kids Songs (Pinkfong) by Samsung Publishing Ltd.

Today, my little boy turned 1 year and 5 months old. In line with this, I wanted to share this free app from +Google Play that my little boy loves and enjoy. Watching it together serves as our bonding moment.

I highly recommend this app for all parents who have android phone or tablet. Very good graphics and songs, learning really made fun, interesting and easy for our beloved darlings.

Check these links and try it for your little treasures: