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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Thank You Nutrive Benecol Philippines

Last Mother’s Day, Nutrive Benecol Philippines had "Life Lessons from Mom" Promo; this promo is open to all members of Nutrive Benecol’s FB community residing in the Philippines only. All you have to do is simply post a picture of you and your mom and share with us the best lesson she has taught you. 12 best posts will be chosen and will win a Nutrive Benecol Gift Packs. So happy because I was chosen as 1 of the 12 lucky winners!

My Entry ♥

1 of the 12 Lucky Winners ♥

To share to all of you about Nutrive Benecol, it is the first smoothie, clinically proven to reduce your cholesterol (LDL) level by as much as 11% in just two weeks.

Healthy can be yummy too. With Nutrive Benecol, you can get a delicious fix and achieve natural health, which comes in three satisfying flavors—strawberry, orange, and blackcurrant.

Every bottle of Nutrive Benecol has Plant stanol ester (PSE)—a natural ingredient derived from plants that blocks absorption of cholesterol in the body and eliminates the rest of it that entered the digestive system. This way the cholesterol level is significantly lowered.

Nutrive Benecol is also a low GI nutritional drink, with no added sugar, which makes it suitable for diabetics and those who closely monitor their sugar and carbohydrate intake.

Benefit to reduce cholesterol by drinking, at least, two bottles of Nutrive Benecol daily for two weeks to lower your bad cholesterol level to 11% and live a delicious and healthier life.

This drink will only not help me but most importantly, my mom because he has some health concerns about her cholesterol level. Once again, thank you Nutrive Benecol Philippines.

Thank you!!!

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