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Monday, July 29, 2013

Interesting Read # 2 : 6 Habits of Truly Loyal Employees

To maintain Loyal Employees is one of the challenges of most companies. I definitely agree to this, because I am not only exposed to training and development but also in the recruitment side. I was able to hire good people but it remains a fact they come and go. But in the brighter side, they are really employees that remain devoted. Here in my workplace, we have these loyal employees; they even are employed longer than me. In this article that I am going to share to you, do hope these 6 habits will serve as a realization for us.

Source :

1. They treat you like a person.
Remember when you were in elementary school and you ran into your teacher at, say, the grocery store? It was really strange. She wasn’t supposed to exist outside of school. You didn’t see your teacher as someone who wore shorts and a Grateful Dead T-shirt and actually had a life. Your teacher wasn’t a person; she was a teacher.

Lots of employees see their bosses that way, too. That means they don’t see you as someone with dreams and hopes and insecurities and fears. You’re not a person; you’re a boss.
Truly loyal employees embrace both sides of the employer-employee relationship: They realize you want what’s best for them by helping them reach their professional and personal goals — and they also want what’s best for you, both at work and in your personal life. They see you as more than just a boss, and they treat you that way.

2. They tell you what you least want to hear.
As a general rule, the more rungs on the ladder that separate you and an employee the less likely that employee is to openly disagree with you. For example, your direct reports may sometimes take a different position or even tell you that you’re wrong. Their direct reports, though, are much less likely to state a position other than yours.
And entry-level employees will sing directly from the company songbook, at least when you’re the audience.
Truly loyal employees know that you most need to hear what you least want to hear: That your ideas may not work, that your point of view is wrong or that you made a mistake.
They’ll tell you because they know that although you might not care much for what you hear, you do care tremendously about doing what is best for your company and your employees.

3. They never criticize you in front of others.
“Bash the boss” is a game almost every employee plays, at least occasionally. (One of your employees is probably talking about you right now.) Partly they criticize you because it’s a way of letting off steam, but mostly they do it because we all think, at least some of the time, that we can do a better job than the person we work for.
Criticism, mocking, sniping — when you’re in charge it comes with the territory.
It also chips away at the respect you work so hard to deserve.
Truly loyal employees get that. They don’t gossip, they don’t snipe, they don’t talk behind your back — they give you the respect, even when you’re not around, that they expect to receive.

4. They disagree in private.
Debate is healthy. Disagreement is healthy. Weighing the pros and cons of a decision, playing devil’s advocate, sharing opinions — every leader wants to hear what his or her team thinks. It’s not just enlightening. It’s stimulating.
Truly loyal employees trust they can share their opinions as freely as you do. In fact, they trust that you want them to — because you and the company benefit from an honest exchange of differing opinions and points of view.
But once a decision is made…

5. They totally support your decisions — and you — in public.
I guarantee you’ve been in at least one meeting where someone said, “Look, I don’t think this is the right thing to do, but I’ve been told we’re going to do it anyway. So let’s at least try to give it our best shot.”
After that little speech does anyone ever try to give it their best shot?
Even when they disagree with a decision, truly loyal employees don’t try to prove you wrong.
They do everything they can to prove you right.

6. They tell you when they need to leave.
I’ve never known a truly loyal employee that wasn’t also truly outstanding.
So you want them to stay. You need them to stay.
Still, sometimes they need to leave: For a better opportunity, for a different lifestyle, to enter a new field, or to start their own business.
But they also know their departure will create a tremendous hole so they let you know what they’re thinking to give you plenty of time to prepare.
Granted, being willing to tell you well ahead of time they plan to leave, or are just thinking about leaving, means they trust you to an exceptional degree. Clearly they know you won’t start to treat them differently or fire them on the spot.
They trust you because they’ve been loyal to you.
After all, they have put your interests ahead of theirs a number of times — and now they know you’ll do the same for them.

By : Jeff Haden

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Interesting Read # 1 : Beyond The Paycheck: What We Wish For

Starting today, I will be sharing with you interesting articles about leadership and people management. I have been working in the Human Resource Dept.  for 5 years already and I know some of you also have your own field.
Here is an interesting article for today, hope you find this article beneficial not only for yourself but also to the people you are working with.
Plenty of studies show that pay increases only serve as a short-term performance motivator.
Certainly salary is important; every company should strive to compensate its employees fairly – even, if possible, more than “fairly.” Equitable pay is a given. But it’s also often true that receiving a raise is a lot like buying a new car. Pretty soon we ratchet our expectations upwards and even a new Ferrari is “just” a car (unless it's a Tesla, which is never “just a car”).

So where long-term performance is concerned, what matters more than pay? What do people wish for from their work? What helps employees feel truly valued and appreciated – and motivates them to do their absolute best?

1. Fulfilling goals. Goals are motivating. Goals are fun. Goals provide a sense of purpose and meaning to any task. Without meaning, a job is just toil… and toil sucks the energy out of people.
So how do you make a goal truly fulfilling? Show its purpose. Describe its relevance to larger business goals. Show how a goal isn’t just an arbitrary target but an outcome that truly matters.
Then allow employees to help create goals, both at an individual and a broader level. They may set even higher targets than you. And, when people help set a goal they are much more likely to achieve that goal… because they own that goal.

2. A true sense of mission. We all want to feel we are a part of something bigger.
Let employees know what you want to achieve for your customers, for your business, and for your community. And just like with goals, allow them to create a few missions of their own, because caring starts with knowing what to care about—and why.

3. Recognition.
Even though it costs nothing to give, praise is priceless to the recipient. So start praising.
Be specific. Be genuine. Recognize the employee the way she likes to be recognized. (Some people are uncomfortable with public recognition; others love to bask in the glow of applause.)
No one gets enough praise… and that’s too bad, because everyone loves to be recognized for their hard work, dedication, sacrifice… for just being awesome.
Genuine recognition rewards effort and accomplishment, reinforces positive behaviors, builds self-esteem and confidence, and boosts motivation and enthusiasm.
Recognition gives employees “permission” to be awesome. Help people be awesome. Praise is free – but it means everything.

3. Basic expectations. While every job should include some degree of latitude, every job should also have basic expectations regarding the way specific situations should be handled.
If you criticize an employee for shifting resources to a project that's behind – even though last week that was standard protocol, you risk crushing that person's morale.
When guidelines change, make sure you communicate those changes first. When that’s not possible, take time to explain why this particular situation is different and why you made the decision you made. Communication creates understanding, and understanding is everything.
But at the same time, employees also need…

4. Significant autonomy. Best practices can create excellence, but every task doesn't require a best practice. Why? Autonomy and latitude breed engagement and satisfaction. Autonomy also breeds innovation. Even otherwise “systematic” and “process-driven” jobs have room for different approaches.
Give your employees the freedom to work the way they work best. If someone screws up, don’t punish the many by creating rules and guidelines designed to “control” the mistakes of the few.

5. Meaningful contributions. Everyone wants to make suggestions and offer ideas. Deny people the opportunity to give input, or shoot their ideas down without consideration, and you turn people into machines… and machines don’t care.
Make it easy for employees to offer suggestions. Make it easy for employees to question, to challenge, and to share their opinions. When an idea doesn't have merit, take the time to explain why.
You may not always implement every idea, but you can always make employees feel valued for their ideas.

6. Genuine relationships. People don’t want to work simply for a paycheck. People want to work with and for people.
A kind word, a short discussion about family, a brief check-in to see if they need anything... personal moments make a lot more impact than meetings or formal evaluations.
A manager doesn’t have to be a best friend – and shouldn’t be – but she must always be friendly, and show that she cares on a personal as well as professional level.

7. Reasonable consistency. Most people can deal with a boss who is demanding and quick to criticize... as long as he or she treats every employee the same in one important way. While you should treat each employee differently, you must treat each employee fairly. (There's a big difference.)
The key to maintaining reasonable consistency is communication. The more employees understand why a decision was made, the less likely they are to assume favoritism or unfair treatment.

8. Deserved opportunities. Every job should have the potential to lead to greater opportunities, either within or outside your company.
Take the time to develop employees for jobs they someday hope to fill—even if those positions are outside your company. (If you don’t know what an employee hopes to do someday, ask.)
Employees will only care about growing and developing your business after you show you care about growing and developing them.

9. An atmosphere of excellence.
Superstars want to work with superstars. Excellent employees want to work in an environment where outstanding performance is the rule, not the exception.
So be unreasonably selective about the people you hire. Then, work hard to turn around a failing employee or, failing that, to weed out the poor performers. As Drew Houston, the CEO of Dropbox, says, “You become the average of the five people you hang out with.”
As a leader, your goal is to surround every employee with awesome people. The best they have ever worked with. Make sure you do. And, if you liked this article, you'll also probably like Culture Code, a slide deck about company culture.

Friday, July 26, 2013


I would like to THANK all of you who joined my Firmoo Giveaway. I would also like to apologize to all because I failed to reach 40 valid contestants. This means that these 6 winners won a $20 E-voucher each to be use on any frame selected at Classic Series.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Thank You Natural Vision Therapy

I am very much alarmed on what I am currently experiencing with my eye sight. I am having a poor eye vision since I gave birth; having a blurry vision really makes me uncomfortable. I have read forums about some mommies who are also having same kind of problem. I can say that this change of vision is pregnancy related because I do not have this kind of problem before.

In relation to my vision problem, I am so blessed because I won a free pair of Vision Therapy Eyewear worth P1, 280.00. Honestly, it was my first time to saw this kind of eyewear and would like to share with you what is this about and its benefit.

♥ Thank You Natural Vision ♥
Natural Vision Therapy is a proven, non-intrusive, and holistic natural vision correction method to improving nearsightedness (myopia), astigmatism, farsightedness (hyperopia), and presbyopia (old-age blur) without the use of glasses, lasik surgery, or medical aids. The Therapy re-educates the eyes and mind about the principles and habits of seeing clearly and naturally.

Its foundation is based on the Bates Method which is a time-tested solution for many functional vision problems since the 1890's. Dr Bates, an ophthalmologist, stopped prescribing glasses to his clients after noticing that their eye problems, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and lazy eye, got progressively worse after wearing the "eye crutches". He discovered that the glasses (eye crutches), actually prevents the eyes from healing itself naturally. Dr Bates had helped thousands of adults and children to perfect sight without the use of glasses.
(Info source:

*Benefits of Natural Vision Pinhole Glasses / Vision Therapy Eyewear*

1. The Vision Therapy Eyewear helps you go without glasses (if lens diopter is less than 3.0) painlessly for far or near work such as reading, computer, movies or copying notes off the board or slides.
2. Since there are no glasses or prescription, there is no 20 times over-powered lenses to worry about.
3. Now you can read your papers or watch your favorite without glasses!
4. There is no strain or headaches caused by over-powered glasses especially when performing near work such as reading, computer or writing.
5. You grow to be less dependent on your eye-crutches.
6. You are using your natural vision ability to see, an ability you have forgotten or neglected to use for a long time.
7. It even helps you to develop good vision habits – relaxed central vision which is a key to natural eyesight improvement.  

FIRMOO Summer Must-Have

Summer Must-have Item- Tinted Rx Sunnies
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I have to admit, as a bespectacled person, I sometimes feel awkward when I head out on a sunny day especially in summer. Standing under strong sunlight, my eye can not open. So for this summer, I think a pair of tinted prescription sunglasses is a visual aid which features lenses that are colored or darkened or polarizing lenses to protect my eyes from sun's glare. More excitingly, there are variety colors of tinting for my choice. If you have not tried this before, you can try to get your First pair for free of tinted prescription sunglasses
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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Thank You Nutrive Benecol Philippines

Last Mother’s Day, Nutrive Benecol Philippines had "Life Lessons from Mom" Promo; this promo is open to all members of Nutrive Benecol’s FB community residing in the Philippines only. All you have to do is simply post a picture of you and your mom and share with us the best lesson she has taught you. 12 best posts will be chosen and will win a Nutrive Benecol Gift Packs. So happy because I was chosen as 1 of the 12 lucky winners!

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Healthy can be yummy too. With Nutrive Benecol, you can get a delicious fix and achieve natural health, which comes in three satisfying flavors—strawberry, orange, and blackcurrant.

Every bottle of Nutrive Benecol has Plant stanol ester (PSE)—a natural ingredient derived from plants that blocks absorption of cholesterol in the body and eliminates the rest of it that entered the digestive system. This way the cholesterol level is significantly lowered.

Nutrive Benecol is also a low GI nutritional drink, with no added sugar, which makes it suitable for diabetics and those who closely monitor their sugar and carbohydrate intake.

Benefit to reduce cholesterol by drinking, at least, two bottles of Nutrive Benecol daily for two weeks to lower your bad cholesterol level to 11% and live a delicious and healthier life.

This drink will only not help me but most importantly, my mom because he has some health concerns about her cholesterol level. Once again, thank you Nutrive Benecol Philippines.

Thank you!!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

July MUST-Haves: Retro Glasses from FIRMOO

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A pair of vintage eyeglasses is one of the daring choice of style that you could try and definitely love this summer. There is a popular believe that retro look is the most elegant one when you make good use of it. I am one of those people who loves retro and vintage look and style. I admire those young gents and ladies who really knows how to chic themselves in retro and vintage fashion. 

Vintage eyeglasses are mixed with the classic and subdued colors. These eyeglasses can be worn not only during day time but also at night because could easily get highlighted during a nighttime or in a crowd. 

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kids R Kool Giveaway Event!


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Saturday, July 13, 2013

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kids r Kool Mini Giveaway - Free Sign-Up


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A Peacock in the Land of Penguins

I was able to attend a 2 days “Basic Supervisory Skills Training” last July 9-10, 2013. I find the training very heavy but it served as an eye-opener for me.  I may currently do not have an immediate subordinate directly reporting to me but as HR Training practitioner, I need to understand the employees (Managers and their subordinates) I am dealing with everyday. A change of attitude & behavior for the good of all and effective communication are the 2 important things I am practicing and definitely my goal that I need to achieve in my professional life.

Have you heard about the story of “A Peacock in the Land of Penguins”?  This story was shared by our facilitator and for those working mommies out there you might ponder on this story.

“There once was a time, in the not so distant past, when penguins ruled many lands in the Sea of Organizations. These penguins were not always wise, they were not always popular, but they were always in charge. The top management wore the same outlook in their distinctive black and white suits. They believed that uniformity is the way to do things; Uniformity is Unity.

On the other hand, worker birds wore colors and outfits that reflected their work and lifestyles. Birds who aspired to move up the corporate ladder were encouraged to adopt the penguins’ code of conduct and wear the penguin suits. They learn the penguin stride and follow the example of their leaders.

One day, Perry the peacock joined the Land of Penguins. He was loud, colorful and full of new ideas. Although he was different, the penguins were impressed by his new ideas. They felt that he has real Penguin Potential. Initially, everyone was happy. The penguins were pleased with their new recruit. Perry was creative and he brought in good results.

However, as time went by, the penguins began to murmur against Perry. He was too loud, too colorful and had too many new ideas that intruded the penguins’ comfort zone. Too colorful Too Loud! Too many new ideas! We are NOT comfortable!  Perry was also unhappy. The penguins tried to turn him into a penguin. He was told to “try to be like the rest of us, wear a penguin suit” . Both parties were unhappy. Be like us! Wear a penguin suit! Leave me alone...”

We see this story unfolds in many organizations today. Creativity and innovation are seen to be “a breath of fresh air” in many organizations. Many “Perry’s” are recruited for their creativity. Yet, along the way, their creativity is stifled by the need to conform to the norm.

There will always be Penguins and Peacocks in any organizations. Other than penguins and peacocks, there are also pigeons who are peacemakers in the office, Sparrows who try to be neutral so as to keep a low profile or Ostriches who choose to bury their heads in the sand.
Peacocks bring in varieties and new ideas, but, the stability provided by the penguins must not be ignored. Penguins, being the backbone of the organization, need to recognize that diversity can exist in an organization if there is acceptance and trust.

 When we learn to appreciate one another’s differences, we become more willing to listen, more open to new ideas and more eager to grow. Birds of different feathers can work together in harmony.

The End...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Orlando Getaway Giveaway!

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Kindle Fire HD Giveaway

Welcomes you to the Kindle Fire HD Giveaway

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Motherhood Quotes To Live By

While surfing the net, i was able to collect these motherhood quotes (via image) and wanted to share these to you my dear readers. Hope you will have a great time reading and be inspired. ♥

♥Cheers to us, mommies!♥