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Monday, June 17, 2013

Dirk’s Milestone– 1 year and 3 months

Our little man is more playful than ever on his phase. He is more confident in his steps but still needs little guidance if he walks on big aisle. He loves to go up and down on our stairs, a very tiring part for me but seeing Dirk’s laughter made it worth it. He also loves to climb on the pile of boxes in our room and pile of pillows in our bed. He loves to play peek – a- boo using the blanket.

Every time we go to malls, he is very fascinated with escalators and elevators. In short, we always ride back and forth with the escalators and elevators; causing him to cry every time we go out the elevator or not going back and forth with the escalator.

His language skills are growing, he babbles a lot and he tends to understand us when we say something to him. He keeps on staring on our mouth when we talk to him. Every time he hears his favorite TV commercial, he always seats in front the TV. He laughs on commercials with kids and gets afraid on those icons that have a very strong and loud voice. During feeding time, he already knows how to sip using the straw; he also loves to eat tuna fish, pork and beef.

Separation anxiety is also evident on him, he cries a lot when he saw me someone leaving the room. What we did is we keep him busy when someone will go out from our room in order to transfer his attention to other things.


  1. My son turned a year and 3 months on the 3rd, they do grow fast don't they? I feel you on the stair climbing one of the scarier moments of my day. Your son is precious. Don't you love those moments where separation anxiety hits as soon as you go to use the restroom? Haha my son starts to cry and scream at the door then knock and try and feel for me under the door.

    1. You are definitely right Nilda, when he sees that the light of our restroom is turned on, he immediately goes inside and the worst is, when he sees someone going inside he really cries a lot. So happy with your comment and I am glad that we have the same precious little boys. ☺


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