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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dirk Loves Jungle Junction

At Dirk’s young age, he is truly having fun watching different shows from different TV channels. In this case, I am very much careful on the shows that he is watching and honestly I can’t really monitor it especially I am working. I am thankful because my Mom chooses Disney Channel shows for our little toddler. One of my little man’s favorite is Jungle Junction.

♥ Jungle Junction ♥
It is a series created by Trevor Ricketts. It features animals "with wheels instead of feet" who journeys around a hidden jungle with its own town and highway system. These animals on wheels spend their day cruising around the jungle, helping & solving their friends with different problems, discovering new things on their surroundings and most importantly, able to learn lessons from the things they are doing. The values of friendship and team work are apparent on this show.

Here are the main characters that Dirk really enjoys watching and always causes him to giggle:

• Zooter: the lively pink pig jungle messenger on wheels who loves to sing.

• Ellyvan: the blue elephant van who carries deliveries for his friends around the jungle. He is Zooter’s best buddy.

• Bungo: the yellow rabbit on wheels who is good at geography & loves to make street signs and put them all over the jungle. He also leaps as high as his height.

• Taxicrab: the crab on wheels that loves to dance and makes the yummiest smoothies in the jungle.

• Crocker: the crocodile fire chief with a yellow hat. Always alert on times of troubles.

• Miss Jolly: the zebra on wheels school teacher. She wears eye glasses and spent most of the time teaching the beetlebugs.

• Beetlebugs: the cute junior wheelers.

• Toadhog : the toad on wheels that loves worms and fifi flies.

• Bobby : the toucan police officer on wheels.

Hope your little ones also love Jungle Junction same as my Little Man does.♥

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