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Friday, June 14, 2013

A Letter for my Little Man # 1

Our Baby Dirk is now 1 year and 3 months old. I will write a letter for him yearly so that time will come; he will be able to read it and hopefully, will value these letters.

My  Dearest Dirk,

It’s been a year already, 12 months had passed by so fast; our little sick boy had turned to a healthy and strong one. Mama can still remember the day you were born and the 45 days agony we had. Sleepless nights turned to be a very memorable one and seeing you grow made me realize how much I am blessed to have you.

I can still remember when you were 2 months old; you love to smile on people’s faces and moving objects that surrounds our little room. When you were 3 months old; you are learning to raise your head on your own. When you were 4 months old that you started to eat solid foods and loves to pinch the nose of Lala Vangie. When you were 5 months old; you started to crawl very fast and loves to laugh on your toys. When you were 6 months old that you were able to recognize Mickey Mouse and keeps on smiling when you hear the theme song of Mickey Mouse Club House Show.

Every month is very special because you were the best thing that ever happened to me. My son, as you grow, always remember that Mama will always be here for you.


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