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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Signs of a Happy Little Man

I am very much thankful to our God almighty for blessing Dirk his very cheerful disposition every day. Others said that bubbly and smiling babies are showing a sign on how good and healthy they are. As of the moment, our little man is in his teething stage, I was too paranoid that he might get sick during this stage but thank God because he is really doing well.

Dirk loves to play with his Tita Kristine; giggles a lot, plays with his toys, singing and babbling out loud and runs around our little room. He stumbles and fall but instead of crying, he laughs. I can really see the happiness on his face when he explores new things around him. Exploring new things is very crucial in his stage, putting his finger inside the electric outlet, in the electric fan and inside the freezer. I just find it funny because when his Lola Vangie will tell NO, the more he will do it with matching smile.

We parents needs to understand these things that our little darlings loves to do, proper guidance and support is very important in this stage of their lives.

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