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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


 I got this free article from LEAD Career Mover, a training and consultancy firm located here in Cebu City. I am sharing to you this free article, this might be a great help for all of us.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Appearance counts all the time – from the job application, interviews, meetings and appointments, right through to every day on the job.  Don’t forget – you represent your company, and your image is that company’s essence.  Your employer’s goal is to have employees project a favorable image; your goal is to represent the employer and yourself in a favorable way.
Your first impression may influence how people will react to the way you look and present yourself
in the beginning, even if you look and act differently later on.  The way you look and act at work is critical to your success on the job.
Why do people have to get dressed up in conservative suits to go to work anyway? Why not wear casual
clothes?  The answer is that you appear more competent and professional, and you portray confidence,
clad in this attire – as opposed to just a t-shirt and jeans.   This means wearing the traditional dark suit and white shirt.  There is no question that we are all being judged on our appearance. To be noticed, recognized and create influence, we have to take the time to make a good impression on others.

Good appearance makes you feel great about yourself, your self-confidence, and your attitude towards life.  You attract a positive energy and you start to notice that people start paying more attention to you. This makes you feel better about yourself and enables you to project positive inner emotions.

People re-entering the workforce often need some encouragement and reassurance. Below are great Tips for ensuring your professional appearance is at its best.

Business Attire

What do your clothes say about you? Clothes you wear depend a lot on the environment you work in. Take a look at what your colleagues and other people in that environment are wearing, and dress to fit in. A professional appearance is quite important. Look your best and be proud of how you look.  It is very important to dress to enhance your appearance so that the interviewer can concentrate on your qualifications.  For women, the best attire to wear at work is something with solid colours such as a navy, grey or black suit or dress that is knee length with dark shoes or high-heels.  Avoid miniskirts.  Be sure that heels are about 1 ½ - 2 inches high, no stilettos, or open toed shoes that attract too much attention to your feet. You want to be taken seriously.   Avoid flashy jewellery.  Men should wear a classic dark suit – whether it’s navy, grey or black - and a white long sleeved shirt that is cleaned and neatly pressed in case you need to remove your jacket. Ties must be conservative with no cartoons or sporting events displayed on them.  Socks must match the suit and not show any leg.  Men should wear black leather shoes – oxfords or loafers, but make sure they are polished and in good condition.  Like women, less accessories is the best approach – no earrings and use cologne sparingly, about two to three hours prior.

The key is to buy outfits that are of good quality and classic design for both men and women.  The same rule applies for purchasing shoes.  They are to be comfortable, stylish and polished.  Purchase versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched with your existing work wardrobe.


What goes into grooming? It’s the basics for both genders: your hair, nails and teeth. Knowing what hairstyle will look good on you is very important.  The hair should be manageable and not wild.  It should be neatly combed.  Avoid excessive hairspray and ornaments in the hair.  Wild hair will get you attention, but not the attention you want. Hair should be clean, current and flattering.  It’s often better for men to be clean shaven because excess hair, whether a beard or a pony tail, could be very risky in a conservative workplace.

Nails are to be clean, trimmed and in good condition.  Your hygiene, grooming, posture, smile, tone of voice, hair and nails are very important.  Breath and body odor should be fresh, clean and pleasant.  Teeth are clean, white and the smile is attractive.  Clothing and eyewear are clean and in good condition.  Keep your make-up natural.  Little or no make-up is best.  Do not use too much perfume; remember a lot of people could be allergic to perfume.  Spray it on two to three hours beforehand, so it becomes more subtle.

To increase your chances for success, remember to offer a warm smile, maintain eye contact and offer
a firm handshake.  Let the interviewer or client see that you are a person who pays attention to detail.  It’s also very important to arrive at your appointment about fifteen minutes early.  Use the washroom to compose yourself and make sure you are neat and tidy.


Our looks and behaviors are called nonverbal communication.  They send a powerful message, whether we intend them to or not.  Grooming, the condition of your clothes, your posture, tone of voice, facial expression, hand gestures, how close you stand to the other person, eye contact and body image are all factors/impressions that other people receive from you.

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