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Saturday, April 20, 2013

1 Year Old: Dirk’s Development

I agree that every child is unique. I was able to observe my nieces and cousins as they grow. Many have already told me that baby boys developed “late” compared to baby girls, honestly at first, I was a bit paranoid but seeing my son now, it didn’t alarmed me anymore.
As of the moment, our little man:

• Can walk but still need assistance, he tends to swivel sometimes.
• He may not be able to clearly state simple words but he loves to babble, sing in his own tune and murmur by himself.
• Loves to play with his toys and talks (baby language) to pictures found on his books.
• Giggles and laugh every time he sees his favorite character on TV.
• Recognizes the people that surround him.
• Able to identify things that he owns.

 Every day is a milestone for my son, every new thing he discovers and talent he performs seems to be so magical for me.

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