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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thank you Smart Steps!

Another blessing this March, I was chosen as the week 1 winner of Smart Steps'  "My Message for My Baby" app from Smart Steps. In this contest, you need to share what values you want your kid or children to learn from you.

This is the message I wrote for my Little Man.

“I asked the Lord to enlighten my Son to live by the values of Respect for others, being polite, humble and most especially, God fearing and Honest. These values are taught to me by my parents and as a parent now, I am really trying my very best to teach my Son all the good things I have learned from my mama and papa.
To my dearest baby Dirk, I may not be a perfect mom, but mama is trying to be a good one.”

All mommies and daddies, please do check their website
I am a proud user of Smart Steps, i love their products because it is safe for my little man.

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