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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Surprise from Baby Shop Philippines

Today, we were able to receive a gift from Baby Shop Philippines. I was very overwhelmed with the gift they gave because the items are very useful for my dearest.

The gift pack contains 3 eye-catching feeding bottles, disposable breast pads, a sachet of toddler wash, a pack of baby cotton buds and baby wipes, and a cutie patootie rubber ducky.

Dirk loves his 1st rubber ducky! An additional to his bath buddies J

A very big Thank you Baby Shop Philippines!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My LAZADA Experience

I am one of those working moms who love to shop online. One of my favorite online shops is +Lazada Philippines .

Products and Prices
They have a lot of variety of brand and products to choose from. I was able to purchase products for my son from diapers (Pampers and EQ), tote bag (Huggies Baby Bag), feeding bottles (Pigeon) feeding necessities (mimiflo and childcare) and my recent purchase was my Torque Droidz Tab. I was able to purchase lots of product form Lazada because their prices are lesser from the malls and department stores.

Customer Service
I have observed that they have upgraded their Customer Service and basically they were able to handle my concern. Sometimes they have a delay in response but the good thing is they will cater your concern effectively.

Delivery Time
I am so amazed by their very fast delivery. A day after I order, it was delivered right in front of our doorstep. 5 stars for that.

To sum it up, my Lazada experience is GREAT!

Finally, I want to thank Lazada for giving me P500 Gift Voucher for my Participat​ion in their Customer Satisfaction Survey last 2012 and I am also one of those 12 winners of their 12-12-12 Promo.

Good Food, Good Life...Thank You Nestle

I am not really a fan of brands that promises too much on their products. As a mom and most importantly, a first time mom, I always ensure that what I feed to my dearest will have a good effect on him.

Honestly, I don’t believe that EXPENSIVE brands/products are better. I am very cautious in choosing what to feed him. I was able to try 4 milk brands and 3 first food products for my dearest. Among those products I have tried for him, the +Nestle Philippines  products really brought a good effect on his tummy. 

Good Food, Good Life

Again, thank you Nestle ☺

Monday, February 25, 2013

Moving On

While browsing on my multiply account, I was able to retrieve this poem that was composed by Alan Murray.  I posted this on my multiply account 5 years ago . This was my poem for my very 1st heart break experience. 

“I am moving on
reaching toward my hopes and dreams
It has taken me far too long
to reach this place, it seems

My fears may try to hold me back
To try and block my way
But with courage and faith in my heart
I will get there come what may

The road will be a long one,
And it may be rocky, too
But when I reach this place in time,
My dreams could all shine through

I am coming nearer to my goals
And my excitement grows
The plans I have made will soon be real
Along with the destiny I chose

Though I have been tossed and turned in life's storms
I will surely see a brighter dawn
I'm no longer held back by my fears
I'm finally....Moving On”

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dirk’s Rewards and Achievements

As young as he is, our dearest was able to receive a lot of extra ordinary LUCK and BLESSINGS.

"Thanks +Pampers Philippines "
"Thanks Metro Ayala Center Cebu"
"Thanks Shopaholic for Kids"
"Thank you +working mama "

Looking forward for more achievements and blessings. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

My Birthday Gift For My Dearest

Got my 1st order a day earlier than I expected. I love the Playtex VentAire feeding bottles and so do my baby boy.

Thank you Baby Shop Philippines.

My 1st experience in purchasing your product was really GREAT. To all mommies and soon to be mommies, do visit and check out
 I do highly recommend this online baby shop. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My 1st Baby Shop Philippines Online Experience

My dearest will be turning 1 this March 5, 2013 and I was surfing the net to look for a birthday gift for him. I am one of those working moms who don’t have enough time to shop in the mall that is why I am used to buy online.

While checking on my Facebook, I saw the Baby Shop Philippines Page and immediately check their website. What really amazed me on my new found online Baby Shop is their very accommodating and prompt online CS Representative (my 1st online ordering/purchasing experience with this kind of customer service…
2 thumbs up!).

I got surprised with their 50%off AVENT feeding bottles, too bad I wasn't able to purchase because it was already out of stock. Good thing because they have a 20%off discount on other feeding bottles. After an hour on checking on the different products they are selling, I finally purchased the Playtex VentAire Bottles.
I got it for a very affordable price. Compared to the mall price, i was able to save around 35%.
Really a nice catch!

Currently I am waiting for my Playtex VentAire Bottles to arrive, as per their very attentive CS Representative; it will arrive on February 23, 2013.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Preparation for our dearest’s 1st birthday!

As a first time mom, I definitely want my son’s 1st birthday to be memorable. Our baby boy was really hooked with the “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Show” that is why I decided a Mickey Mouse theme party for him. 

From the birthday invitation to the birthday giveaways, I was very hands-on. Thank you for all the free templates available in Google, it was really a big help. J

Honestly, my budget is really not that big, it took me two weeks to look for a nice, convenient and affordable venue where we can hold his birthday. Finally, I was able to book the celebration. A simple dinner celebration with all the important people in our lives will be our guests.

Cross fingers this coming march 5, 2013, hope his birthday celebration will be a “Meeska.. Mouska.. Mickey Mouse!” Success.

Monday, February 11, 2013


Our dearest was born last March 5, 2012, via unexpected CS Operation. Unfortunately, he had blood infection and stayed in the Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for 45 days.

As a new mom, I blame myself because of what happened to my son. Seeing others moms caring their babies after they gave birth brought more pain because I cannot even touch my own baby.

Even though my wound was still very fresh on that time, I was with him every day in the NICU. From 8am in the morning until 8pm in the evening, pumping my own milk every hour so that I can feed him. Every time he has seizure and suffers the pain from the antibiotics that the nurses had to inject him every day melted my heart and soul.

Prayers and support from my family and friends was my support. Those 45 days was the most painful days of my life. What happened made more mature and responsible person and mother.

Moving on, our Dearest Dirk is now 10 months old, a very healthy and loving son. Even though I am a working mom, I never fail to have time for him. Staying late at night to wash his clothes, putting him to bed, preparing his feeding bottles, feeding him every breakfast and dinner time and watching with him his favorite Mickey Mouse clubhouse show every morning are the simple things I have done to show how much I love my son.