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Friday, October 10, 2014


OMG! 5 months to go and Dirk will turn 3! Last year, I also started to plan as early as possible.  Planning is really important especially if it involves COST (learned this term in an accounting perspective hihihi), we make sure that the money we a lot for this will really be SULIT. Here is the link of my blog when we had Dirk’s 2nd birthday celebration last March:

So here are some of my TIPID tips for planning a birthday party:


There are some restaurants that offers FREE venue for your celebration, examples of which are Shakey’s, Jollibee, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Max’s Restaurant & Sunburst. I guess many of you were able to try these venues BUT if you really want a TIPID one, your HOME will be the best venue especially if you have an area that will your visitors and your host, magician or puppeteer.


I was hands-on the decorations for Dirk’s 2nd party, thank you PINTEREST for lots of ideas and very easy-to-do cut-outs. Always remember that your decorations must match on the theme you are planning for your birthday to prevent over buying of stuffs.

MY DIY Toppers on Dirk's 2nd birthday


What’s the use of e very nice decoration and good venue IF your visitors are not entertained? Most of you will probably agree with me that the success of the party depends on the party host. If your party host is too boring or too loud, it could make or break your event.  

We must consider the entertainment we want to have in our party, if you want a, puppet show, magician or a Ventriloquist. Here in the Philippines, I highly recommend KUYA MAU. I was able to write about him on my previous blog and I am very much thankful because some mommies were able to witness his performance. Those smiles on our kids face are priceless. 

Want to see how KUYA MAU performs? check this link : KUYA MAU IT'S SHOWTIME

Photo from KUYA MAU's FB

Photo from KUYA MAU's FB

Photo from KUYA MAU's FB

Please contact him at 9430531 / 09195557752 or visit his website 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Long time no blog: Dirk at 2 years and 7 months

Hi to all mommies and daddies out there! I think some of you also have toddlers same age with my little boy. So, how are they doing? For our little man, he is enjoying his #terribletwo stage. He is currently at 27 kilos and 41 inches in height.

He loves to run back and forth in a big ground, mingling with other kids regardless if those kids knew him or not, loves to dance in his favorite songs and finally can utter words like numbers and letters. I am aware that some of my friends are concerned because Dirk can’t really talk straight sentences at his age right now, but still I don’t want to pressure my son. 

Had his new haircut a week ago

Despite of my very busy schedule at work, we (his dad, my mom and sister) are trying our best to provide a strong support system for him. We encourage him to sing even though he has his own lyrics, we read books with him and let him discover things on his own and sometimes with other kids. I let him play and enjoy as much as he wants but with my supervision.

I am hoping that all of us are able to provide support system that our kids needs. Have a great day to all!